Welding fumes are a common occupational exposure in many industrial and manufacturing work settings. RHP's Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) have extensive experience with measuring welding fume exposures. In addition to exposure monitoring, we can assist with regulatory compliance issues, resolve matters involving OSHA citations, and evaluate engineering controls. We have experience with welding tasks in a variety of industries, such as oil & gas, automotive assembly, railroads, manufacturing, repair shops, and many others.

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Jacob persky, MPH, cih

15 years experience.

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Luke nienhaus

8 years experience.

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  • Indoor Air Quality

Jason Lang, CIH

6 years experience.

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RHP Risk Management is a leader in the field of Industrial Hygiene, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Built Environment, Risk Management, Dose Estimation & Analysis, and Exposure Simulation Testing. Our highly trained and sophisticated team of professionals work together seamlessly on small and large projects. Our roster includes certified industrial hygienists, public health scientists, risk assessors, certified safety professionals, field staff, an engineer, an anthropologist, an economist, certified paralegals, and support staff.

We work with our clients to develop solutions to their most pressing concerns. Understanding exposures and risks through a grounding in a sound, defensible, state- of- the- art scientific approach gives our clients peace of mind. Empowered by a comprehensive understanding of exposures we can provide, clients are better equipped to recognize previously unseen business risks, manage known risks, target areas for control systems, comply with regulations, and to be braced for regulatory or litigation actions. Senior staff have served as experts in front of stakeholders, public, workers, regulatory, and State and Federal courts.


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